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OM Plus Fleet Manager Selected by Nicaraguan Service Provider

  • Date: Dec 18, 2013
  • Categories: Blog

OM Plus Fleet Manager Selected by Nicaraguan Service Provider

A Nicaraguan service provider has selected Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM) to monitor their printer fleet. This organization currently has up to 2,000 devices in their printer fleet. They will use OM Plus (FM) to keep track of and manage copy and print counts.

The service provider will deploy the FM DDC at a remote site which will report back to their hosted OM Plus (FM) server. Under this agreement the customer will take advantage of utility pricing.

OM Plus (FM) uses Plus Technologies’ market leading printer data collector which is called the DDC. The DDC collects usage data, device alerts, toner data from printers and sends the information back to the hosted FM application. The customer can review pre-built reports, create their own custom reports, query the database and create unique views without having Plus Technologies involved.

For more information on OM Plus (FM), contact Plus Technologies.

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