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OM Plus iSat is built for Hosted Apps

OM Plus iSat is built for Hosted Apps

OM Plus isat for Hosted AppsThe hosted app market has seen steady growth for quite some time now. All indicators point to this trend continuing on an upward trajectory for many years to come.

One of the main reasons organizations are choosing hosted solutions is to take advantage of the cost savings. However, the print experience in hosted app environments can be less than ideal. The remedy to these limitations requires printing management software.

For example, to print a report from Salesforce, a user must first export and save a file to his or her local workstation. The file must then be opened manually within an application such as Excel and then printed to the printer of choice.

This process requires the user to perform several steps and requires leaving the application’s user interface. Once the report is exported, the hosting app loses all control of the document.

There are no logs to show who is printing, what they are printing, the number of copies printed, etc. This can be a huge privacy and security concern.

OM Plus i-Sat printing management software for hosted apps resolves all these issues. I-Sat integrates with the hosted app so that users never have to leave the app itself. Printing is accomplished from within the hosted app’s UI and allows for remote printing of documents directly from these applications.

i-Sat ingests print jobs on the hosted side and holds them until a request is made on the client side (remote users). Once the request is made by the remote user, a paired i-Sat program will connect with the host to request jobs be sent down.

Unlike what occurs in the normal print experience, all print jobs in i-Sat are compressed and encrypted so that data is never sent in the open. i-Sat then sends the print jobs directly to the printers at the remote location without any end user intervention.

OM Plus i-Sat Overview

i-Sat is a printing management software designed to provide a secure, reliable, scalable solution for delivering documents created from a host based applications such as EMR or ERPs over the internet to remote customer locations. It is ideal for organizations that need to print from satellite offices, affiliate organizations, business partners, and home offices.

Benefits of OM Plus i-Sat

  • No persistent connection is required to reduce vulnerabilities
  • Reduce overhead associated with VPN
  • Reduce network bandwidth
  • Print statistics
  • Low cost
  • Secure Remote printing over the internet
  • Reduce cost (VPN + Administrative)
  • Audit logs
  • Easy to install and implement
  • Supported on Windows, UNIX, and Linux

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