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OM Plus Print Popular in Healthcare Market

OM Plus Print Popular in Healthcare Market

OMPlus_OMComputing environments in healthcare are often very complex. They include large ‘back-office” systems like Electronic Medical Records systems (EMR) like Epic, Cerner, McKesson, etc. In addition to EMR’s these orgs often also include human resources, accounting, or other business systems like Peoplesoft, etc. EMR’s and the other back-office systems are large, complex, redundant, and need to operate 24×7. These systems create a huge volume of ‘output’ that is required for patient care and to run the business including patient records, prescriptions, compliance reports, and business. Managing this output can be a labor intensive, complicated and difficult task for system administrators, and help desk personnel.
Enter OM Plus
OM Plus software has been solving Enterprise Output Management (EOM) problems for customers since 1995. Recently OM Plus print software has been targeted to the healthcare industry with great success. OM Plus EOM software has been used by Kaiser Permanente healthcare which is one of the largest healthcare organizations in the US. Kaiser Permanente has over 175,000 employees and runs multiple EMR and ERPs. OM Plus controls all the output from those systems to route documents for all these employees to over 40,000 printers and other destinations across the enterprise.
In the past year OM Plus has been a popular choice among other healthcare organizations with recent orders from Parkland Health, St Luke’s, BJC, Sparrow, Gwinnett, Phoenix Children’s, Baptist, and University of Maryland. There are a number of applications provided by OM Plus including EOM management across multiple EMR/ERP back-end systems, improved compliance and audit-ability, intelligent document routing, tamper resistant prescription printing, pull-print, web based document delivery, and print security.

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