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OM Plus Print Software Enhances e-Forms Integration for German Customer

  • Date: Sep 18, 2015
  • Categories: Blog

OM Plus Print Software Enhances e-Forms Integration for German Customer

A large German manufacturing organization with over 7,000 employees is adding to their OM Plus licensing to streamline document routing operations. OM Plus is used to manage and enhance the output created by numerous ‘back-end’ systems such as SAP R3 and other Accounting software systems. The additional licensing of OM Plus will support multiple back-end systems in eight countries. OM Plus will ingest raw documents created by numerous systems – run the documents through a third party e-forms software to enhance formatting – then route the documents to the appropriate destination or printer. OM Plus streamlines the operation by increasing system reliability and scalability, confirming the print status of the document, improving recovery processes if print failure does occur, capture audit and statistical information.
Since the customer is located throughout Europe, with their headquarters in Germany, technical support will be provided in-country by Plus Technologies partner in Germany. That way the customer will be able to receive support in local time-zone with local languages and if needed support can be provided on site.

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