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OM Plus to be demonstrated at HIMSS

  • Date: Mar 30, 2015
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OM Plus to be demonstrated at HIMSS

OMPlus_MPDOM Plus My-Print-Delivery will be demonstrated at the annual HIMSS conference in Chicago, April 12-16. My-Print-Delivery is Plus Technologies‘ pull-print solution that has been successfully sold into many healthcare organizations around the US. OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) improves printing efficiencies and security by holding a user’s “printed” jobs on a secure print server until the user walks up to a convenient printer and authenticates/releases their jobs. Like “Follow the User style print”, MPD allows users to print from one location and pick up jobs in another and overcomes print limitations in VDI environments. MPD prevents documents lying unattended in the printer tray, avoiding un-intended disclosure of patient information. MPD also provides printing from mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone.
HIMSS is the acronym for Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society and HIMSS is their annual IT exhibition which is the largest of its kind for the healthcare industry.

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