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OM Plus Used to Streamline Bill of Lading Process

OM Plus Used to Streamline Bill of Lading Process

OMPlus_OMA large propane delivery service organization located in the southwest U.S. has implemented OM Plus DM print spooling software solution to automate its unattended printing operations. The print software solution automates the printing of bills of lading for propane truck drivers as they head out to make their deliveries. OM Plus will be integrated into the organization’s accounting system to improve the reliability and performance of the printing operations.

Once the truck driver fills the truck he enters pump information into a terminal and the accounting system automatically creates the bill of lading. OM Plus seamlessly ingests this document from the accounting system, adds critical necessary information in real time, transforms the document into a print ready format, delivers it to the printer, confirms print operation via bi-directional communications, and automatically fails over in the case of a print failure.

The addition of the OM Plus print spooling features enhances system performance and increases reliability thereby improving ‘on-time deliveries as well as reducing administrative overhead.

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