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Peri GmbH Implements OM Plus Delivery Manager for Print Spooling

  • Date: Feb 12, 2013
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Peri GmbH Implements OM Plus Delivery Manager for Print Spooling

Peri GmbH, a multi-billion manufacturing company based in Germany, has implemented a company wide print spooling solution based on Plus Technologies OM Plus print spooling software. Peri GmbH is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of form-work and scaffolding systems in the world. It has 5,700 employees, 53 subsidiaries and 110 locations. PERI serves its customers worldwide with innovative system equipment and a broad range of services related to form-work and scaffolding technology.

Peri has implemented OM Plus print spooler to manage print delivery and routing  from its core back-office software applications to over 800 printers worldwide. With OM Plus print spooling Peri will streamline the print process, reduce system administration labor, reduce printer system and achieve significant costs savings. OM Plus will be used in conjunction with a software product called DoXite from Detec Software. DoXite is an electronic forms re-purposing solution that can turn a text document into a formatted business form.

The OM Plus print spooling software will provide the document routing for all documents going to and being received from DoXite. OM Plus will ingest the text documents from the source back-end systems, deliver these documents to and invoke the Detec software, take the re-purposed documents back from Detec, and deliver the documents in their final form to the printers around the globe. Through bi-directional communications with the printers OM Plus spooling software can confirm the printer has received, printed, and put the documents in the tray, ready for the user to pick up. OM Plus print spooler also provides an intuitive UI so administrators can view the status of all printers and documents in the system as well as trouble-shooting tools to help Peri recover from printer errors.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies.

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