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Plus Technologies announces ‘Connector’ to Perceptive Software

Plus Technologies announces ‘Connector’ to Perceptive Software

logo-plustechnologiesDayton, Ohio, November 17, 2014 – Plus Technologies has developed a ‘connector’ to Perceptive Software. Perceptive Software provides content management solutions for structured as well as unstructured data. These solutions are able to ingest documents from many sources but until now did not have a seamless ‘on ramp’ from back-end, enterprise ERP/EMR systems such Epic, SAP, Oracle and others.

The Plus Technologies ‘Connector’ provides an on-ramp from its OM Plus Delivery Manager print spooling software to allow spooled print jobs processed by OM Plus to be seamlessly indexed and ingested into Perceptive systems. This OM Plus ‘Connector’ allows Perceptive access to documents created by enterprise ERP and EMR systems such as SAP, Oracle, Epic, and others.

In addition, Perceptive Software based on its partnership with Plus Technologies will be able to offer its customers a host of enterprise output management features based on the OM Plus print spooling software suite. These features include: queue/print spooling, tamper resistant Rx printing, mobile printing, cloud based printing for clinics/labs/doctor offices, print statistics, and printer fleet management tools. This is especially helpful in the health care market where Plus Technologies has gained share based on its health care specific solutions.

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