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Plus Technologies Announces New Demo System for i-Sat

  • Date: Jun 19, 2014
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Plus Technologies Announces New Demo System for i-Sat

isatPlus Technologies has now built a demo system that lets partners and prospective customers demonstrate i-Sat capabilities in their own facilities. An external facing OM Plus system has been installed to receive inbound i-Sat connections. Customers with i-Sat demo software can connect to this OM Plus system and have their documents print locally without any user intervention required.

Contact your account representative or Customer Services for more information on this.

OM Plus i-Sat is simple, plug & play, cloud enabled, printing software that automates the printing of business critical documents that are created by a host system (usually a centralized environment) that are delivered and printed at another physical location on a remote (receiving) system.   These receiving systems are typically located in remotes sites such as retail stores, clinics, labs, smaller offices, etc where reports or documents from the host systems are required to run important business processes.  Often times, there is little or no technically competent personnel at the remote site. Therefore the solution should be able to run in an ‘un-attended’ mode and be highly reliable.  Benefits provided by i-Sat include:

  • Reducing cost of communications technologies such as VPN which can cost $6-$10/connection/month.
  • Automating a manual print process at the remote site that is subject to human error.
  • Improving print reliability at the remote end so that no technical expertise is required (automated).
  • Reducing the support effort at the host end (Corp IT and help desk).
  • Reducing the potential for internet threats such as virus’, malware, etc
  • Reducing the interruption to key business processes from print errors.
  • Remote users may not be corporate employees and corporations have no control over the security of remote user systems. Remote users connecting to important corporate systems can expose those systems to virus.

For more information contact Plus Technologies.

For more information about these changes, contact Plus Technologies.

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