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Plus Technologies Data Collector Seen as Superior

Plus Technologies Data Collector Seen as Superior

fleetmanPlus Technologies offers Managed Print Services (MPS) provides a robust tool to manage printer fleets called OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM). The quality of a fleet management tool is dependent upon the quality of the data collected from the printers themselves. That is why Plus Technologies has invested significant development effort in making our data collector (called the DDC) a superior product. A good DDC will provide quality information back to the OM Plus FM system so that service providers can optimize the service they give their customers.

Some of the ways that the Plus Technologies DDC is a differentiator include:

  • OM Plus FM offers host side DDC configuration so the MPS provider can easily manage DDC remotely through host side utility.
  • There is easy access to the raw data collection files and logs and to monitor DDC performance.
  • There is flexible configuration of data collection schedules which allows the DDC to be configured to “match” the SLA
  • The discovery engine is very robust and efficient discovery engine. It will not give up easily.
  • The device scanning service is very flexible. Users can use address range or dedicated list.
  • The DDC is very robust and lightweight.
  • Polling is tune-able to provide data per SLA
  • Discovery has retry and timeout parameters “We won’t give up”
  • The DDC provides DDC condition alert emails
  • The data is secure as only encrypted and compressed data is transmitted.


For this and other benefits of the OM Plus FM system, please contact Plus Technologies.

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