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Plus Technologies in the Spiceworks community

  • Date: Jul 29, 2016
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Plus Technologies in the Spiceworks community

Plus Technologies, Enterprise Software, Spiceworks

Plus Technologies helps solve print related issues within the Spiceworks IT community

Plus Technologies continues its dedication to helping IT professionals solve real problems. We solve problems using our vast experience with print problems and output management. Involvement in the Spiceworks community is one way Plus Technologies is able to reach users who need to solve problems. These problems range from common technical print problems to output management problems.

Enterprise printing is often a complex process involving multiple data streams workflows, servers, operating systems, data transformations and complex networks supporting printers at multiple locations. With the disparate native utilities that “out-of- the-box” applications and desktop implementations rely upon, this type of environment provides many challenges for users trying to manage it. Multiple staff skills and toolsets are required for configuring and supporting these environments. Troubleshooting problems requires looking at multiple systems and trying to patch together various systems information to try and track down a problem. Support personnel respond to problems in a reactive manner. Print queues are redundantly defined across multiple systems. However, without an Enterprise Output Management Solution like OM Plus, addressing and resolving issues can take days or even weeks. This affects system availability which in turn affects user productivity, satisfaction, and ultimately the end customer.

The core building block for our output management solutions is our OM Plus software suite. It includes a number of software modules that provide advanced print spooling, queue management, intelligent document routing, print metrics, device management and document archiving capabilities. Moreover, OM Plus will ingest data from numerous sources, routes, and manage and store documents based on a rules based engine. Furthermore, OM Plus seamlessly integrates into most EMR and ERP systems for end-to-end document control. In addition, OM Plus provides a centralized point of administration for managing the entire output system.

Spiceworks Community

The Spiceworks community is a large network of IT professionals. Spiceworks has been around since 2006. Also, an estimated 6 million users and 3,000 technology vendors are in this community. In addition, the online community allows users to collaborate, purchase services and products, and seek advice from other members. IT professionals can also monitor and manage server and network devices in real-time with their free Spiceworks Network Monitor software and IT Help Desk.

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