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Plus Technologies Teams with Lexmark to Solve Unplanned Downtime Problems in Healthcare

  • Date: Mar 14, 2014
  • Categories: Blog

Plus Technologies Teams with Lexmark to Solve Unplanned Downtime Problems in Healthcare

Hand shakeThe goal of this solution is to make BCA data more readily available via Lexmark MFDs (or esf capable printers that can run embedded apps) that are already deployed in the environment and being utilized in everyday processes.

The basic building blocks for this solution are:



  1. Leverage the work that has already been done to set up the Epic BCA Relay Server architecture.
  2. Utilize an OM Plus process to access host BCA Folders and make PDF copies of that data available in secure shared network folders for Lexmark esf capable printers to pull down.
  3. Lexmark esf printers store appropriate folders/files for their location and make available for printing through an embedded Downtime Reports application menu on their front panels.

The main benefits for this solution are:

  1. Enhances access to downtime reports via shared Lexmark esf printers.
  2. Intuitive user interface simplifies staff training on downtime procedures.
  3. Ultra-secure and HIPAA Compliant.
    • Hard drive encryption (up to 80 GB)
    • Pin, Password and/or Proximity badge authentication
    • Redundancy – reports available on multiple esf printers.
    • Deletion of expired reports.
  4. Data available even after printer power down/up.
  5. Ensures 24 x 7 continuity of care.
  6. Reduce acquisitions cost of dedicated BCA wrkst/printer combos (possibly fewer required).
  7. Possibly free up workspace associated with fewer BCA wrkst/printers.
  8. Less IT staff time required to install/maintain fewer BCA wrkst/printers.


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