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Plus Technologies wins 3 major health care projects in the last 30 days

Plus Technologies wins 3 major health care projects in the last 30 days

Health care software wins for print managementPlus Technologies’ OM Plus software offers several document and output management solutions to its health care customers. In recent years, Plus Technologies has significantly expanded its reach into the health care industry.

This past month alone, three new university based medical facilities implemented OM Plus Delivery Manager software.

Health care print management

These recent wins contribute to over 8000 new devices under OM Plus management and well over 100,000 devices total for all of our health care customers. As Plus Technologies continues to expand its health care offerings, this trend is expected to accelerate even further in the years ahead.

OM Plus adds value to health care customers

Health care customers find great value in OM Plus software products for a variety of reasons. Some of these include:

  • Prescription Rx printing on plain paper
  • Epic / EMR output management
  • Pull print/ Print release
  • Streamlining help desk
  • Reduction of Windows print servers
  • And many more

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