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Print Appliance Being Tested

  • Date: Nov 03, 2014
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Print Appliance Being Tested

isatPlus Technologies‘s OM Plus i-Sat internet print technology is being tested by a large retailer with thousands of locations and tens of thousands of daily print jobs. i-Sat is being used to support a Cloud ERP App. Here documents are created in the data center then printed through OM Plus DM where they are encrypted and compressed and then sent to the remote location via the internet. Then they are received in the remote locations by the i-Sat appliance and then i-Sat routes print jobs to the appropriate printer.

i-Sat is the solution for the remote end and comes in 2 flavors: software or appliance. This retailer is testing the appliance version and this version is truly ‘plug-and-play’ as the remote location merely plugs the device into the power outlet and the local network and i-Sat is ready to print. The i-Sat appliance requires no expertise at the remote end at all.

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