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Print Release Software Saves Money

Print Release Software Saves Money

OM Plus, My-Print-Delivery, MPD, Output Management, Plus Technologies, Print Release SoftwarePrint Release Software Saves Money

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) the average office worker prints 10,000 pages per year. However, print release can save between 10% – 20% of those pages. For example, a print release application like Plus TechnologiesMy-Print-Delivery (MPD) prevents waste pages from printing. Assuming 15% of office worker pages do not get printed, MPD could save around 1500 pages per year per worker. With a mix of mono (at $0.01/page) and color pages (at $0.08 per page) that can mean a savings of $75.00 per worker every year.

Using the above numbers, a company with 1,000 office workers can have savings of $75,000 per year. Additionally, MPD improves confidentiality and security. Private information will not be laying in the printer tray waiting to be picked up.

OM Plus My-Print-DeliveryTM Software

OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) software is Plus Technologies solution for pull printing. This type of solution is also called by other names such as print release, pull printing, Follow the User style print. The idea behind the concept is to improve printing efficiency by holding user documents in the print system until the user releases the document while physically at the printer or multi-function device itself.

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