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Reasons for Print Management Software

Reasons for Print Management Software

Top Reasons for Print Management Software

Top Reasons for Print Management Software, Plus Technologies, OM Plus, Output Management

Years ago, when we were just getting into the print software business, Plus Technologies customers came to us for very straight forward reasons. Either their Unix lp print spooler was inadequate for their needs or the Windows spooling system had reliability and scalability issues. Over the years things have changed and environments have become much more complex. While Unix lp still has serious limitations and Windows still has scale issues customers now come to us for things like:

Complex Server Side Printing Environments

Organizations may now have dozens of servers tied together in a complex network infrastructure. Tens or hundreds of thousands of print jobs maybe created daily anywhere in the network and be routed across multiple hops before reaching the final destination/printer. Organizations need a comprehensive output management software solution like OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) to manage and track this activity.


Pull-print (also known as print release) reduces print volume and costs while adding security and portability. Our pull-print product is called My-Print-Delivery (MPD) and we have installed in a variety of printer environments.


To increase compliance and decrease the risk of inappropriate behavior, customers are asking for audit, encryption, logging, and other security features. OM Plus Delivery Manager print software provides all the security features needed in today’s environment.

SaaS and Cloud Printing

More organizations are using SaaS based solutions than ever. These SaaS based solutions often create ‘server side’ print jobs that need to be delivered to remote users. Rather than use VPN which has several drawbacks customers want these server side print jobs delivered over the internet safely and securely. OM Plus isat was designed specifically for this purpose.


In production line or warehousing environments it is paramount that the line keep moving at all times. To keep the line moving related documents such as pick lists, bills of lading, labels, etc must be printed in real time. When a printer has a problem these documents need to be failed over to a back up device in real time. Often these documents need to be printed as a single group (kitted) so that the sequence is maintained.  In high volume scenarios these documents need to be load balanced across multiple devices to increase overall throughput. These are features provided by OM Plus Delivery Manager.

Confirmed Delivery

Customers want to know that their documents actually printed. It is not enough to know the documents were ‘sent’ to the printer. Therefore, they need to know that they were actually printed and sitting in the output tray. OM Plus provides bi-directional communications with printers to confirm printing took place successfully.

Print Statistics

Print statistics help our customers know who is printing, what they are printing, and when they are printing. Additionally, print statistics helps customers know which printer is being used and how many pages are printed. Moreover, this helps with employing cost saving strategies.

ERP/EMR/WMS Integration

Organizations with ERP Apps (like SAP or Oracle) or EMR systems (like Cerner and Epic) or Single Sign on Systems (like Imprivata) want seamlessly integrated output management software. OM Plus has been integrated and certified on these types of systems to provide a seamless print management experience. 

Benefits in Healthcare

Healthcare can have some of the most complex and intricate server side environments. Healthcare customers request many of the features described above. The benefits for using an elite OMS system in healthcare environments may include:

  • Increase Patient Care and User satisfaction via more reliable, efficient and functional print infrastructure. Jobs print where and when they are supposed to. This allows employees to concentrate on providing care.
  • Reduced Operating Costs: Improve operational efficiencies with robust toolset for centrally managing/supporting print infrastructure and providing advanced rules based delivery functionality.
  • Increase Security and Compliance of print: Protect sensitive data with pull print, reduce exposure to Rx fraud, track usage/activity, help with HIPAA, PHI, HITECH, CMS compliance. 

There are many OM Plus technical capabilities that support the above reasons

  • One place to define print queues
  • Advanced rules-based Delivery, MPD, RX, i-Sat, failover, redirect, confirmation of delivery to the output tray
  • Manage, monitor and deliver jobs across complex networks to their final destination, confirm delivery
  • Hold, reprint, redirect print jobs
  • High performance enables print server consolidation and/or removal
  • Strong centralized help desk capabilities with granular visibility of print streams
  • Proactive alert notifications
  • Logs of communications with printers that aid in troubleshooting.
  • Logs of any changes made by users within OM Plus
  • User/Group security profiles for access to OM Plus
  • High availability configurations

OM Plus – Print Management Software

The Plus Technologies output management and print management software product portfolio is called the OM Plus Suite. OM Plus print management software consists of multiple print management software products each designed to solve a specific kind of output management problem.

Products in the OM Plus print management software Suite can stand on its own. However, our print management software products can be combined into print solutions to suit specific customer print output needs. This ability to integrate the print software solutions together provides a wide range of capabilities and scalability. Moreover, this integration can be quite helpful to solve unique document related business problems.

Plus Technologies is very experienced in solving print output or document flow related business problems with our print management software. We have sold tens of thousands of print software systems to a wide variety of customers to solve a huge range of print related problems.

Our Services team listens carefully to our customers to fully understand their output management related requirements. We work collaboratively with the customer to design the right print solution for each customer situation. In most cases, we assist in customer testing to prove the solution works as it should (before asking the customer to purchase). Furthermore, Plus Technologies will customize solutions for individual needs. We will train users how to get the most out of their solution.

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