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Several cities and counties acquired OMP licenses

Several cities and counties acquired OMP licenses

OM-PlusLogoSeveral cities and counties acquired OMP licenses
10 local governments in the last quarter including West Palm Beach, Santa Cruz, Chicago, San Mateo, Key West and several others have acquired OMP licenses.

OMP print spooling sw
Documents are created by business software applications and handed off to the print spooler at the operating system level. Whether it is UNIX, Linux or Windows it is the print spooler’s job to deliver these documents to the printers.

Utilizing bi-directional communications with printing device, Plus Technologies OM Plus Print Spooler is able confirm print delivery all the way to the tray to ensure that printing actually occurred In the event of a print failure OM Plus can be set up to automatically failover to an alternate device or to retry the print job. OM Plus will also notify the help desk of printer errors along with the snap diagnostic information from the device itself.

OM Plus Print Spooler has dozens more features that allow organizations to manage their queues including load balancing, color print management, archiving, fleet management, print statistics, print security, print stream transformations and more.

The end result, is that the effort required to support the print infrastructure is streamlined. The system is reliable, provides many print functions, and is easy to use. Using OM Plus frees up time so that Sys Admin and Help Desk resources can focus on other important priorities.

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