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The Case for Print Spooling Server

  • Date: Jan 26, 2015
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The Case for Print Spooling Server

img_plus_technologiesOccasionally we receive questions asking if there are advantages for using a server based print spooling solution like OM Plus vs direct IP printing. These people are asking this as they are looking at solutions that streamline printer definition and driver management efforts. However, these solutions do not provide print spooling capabilities and rely on direct IP printing and cannot function in a print server architecture. There are numerous reasons for a server based print spooling solution…

  • Streamlining and reducing the number of print servers already a function of OM Plus
  • Centralized view and control of all documents, printers and printing processes
  • Improved print performance and uptime
  • Availability of tools to better recover from printing errors
  • Print spooling features confirmation, re-routing, bundling, notification, load balancing, auto fail-over, etc.
  • Integrated print from back-end EMR/ERP systems
  • UNIX/Linux support (print driver management solutions do not function in Unix/Linux environments)
  • Audit tracking and compliance

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