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Un-managed Print Environment

  • Date: Aug 17, 2015
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Un-managed Print Environment

In an un-managed print environment there is a lack of information. Asset data and total costs are unknown, purchasing of devices and supplies is decentralized, multiple vendors with varying plans and costs are managing the printing devices. IT struggles to provide timely copy and print support and end-users have multiple print drivers installed and lack training in device features. Supplies (ink and toner) are stored in desks, file cabinets and closets, many going unused. Multi-function printers are unlikely to play a role in workflow, such as Accounts Payable automation or document management.

According to a recent Info Trends survey, 30% of organizations that implement an MPS Program reduce their printing costs by an average of 30 percent. On average, the cost of hardware, toner and ink, paper, service, support, time and maintenance is $220 less annually per office worker when a Managed Print Software solution like OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM) is implemented. Use OM Plus Fleet Manager to increase visibility of print, copy, scan volumes and costs. use FM to identify unused and over-used devices. Use FM to identify devices that are starting to fail. Use FM to centralize and automate consumable purchases

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