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Value of Output Management

  • Date: Nov 29, 2012
  • Categories: Blog

Value of Output Management

At Plus Technologies, we are regularly coming across new and varying Output Management-related information and issues. We would like to share all of these findings and new developments with you via our blog. To start things off, we would like to provide you with some output management market information.

Output management systems play a large role in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which has proven vital to business success and allows for management information to flow across all business functions which improves the efficiency of the organization.

However, to achieve the most value from an ERP investment, it is critical that core business processes which rely printing operate seamlessly and reliably. Core business processes rely on printed documents such as invoices, pick tickets, labels, bills of lading, checks and more.
ERP systems typically do not address the printing function. Therefore, the customer’s return on investment may be less than optimal.

Efficient output management can help organizations core business applications become more efficient, more functional, and easier to manage. This can in turn, can decrease support workloads, insure compliance, help maintain privacy, and reduce company costs. Paybacks vary based on each case but in many instances we have seen 3 – 6 month paybacks.

There has been a recent growth trend in the OMS market statistics show it as growing at 5% (Gartner Group). We have personally experienced a growth in the number of our software licenses at 3 to 4 times the market growth rate.

Plus Technologies Output Management Software Suite (OM Plus) provides companies in numerous industries with the same economic and productivity benefits. Our OM Plus Software Suite will provide improved reliability in output delivery, reduced document handling requirements, end-to-end business process improvements, IT productivity improvements, and on-line output distribution.

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