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New Warehouse Management Solutions Video – Plus Technologies

New Warehouse Management Solutions Video – Plus Technologies

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Plus Technologies’ Warehouse Management Systems Solutions (WMS) Video

Recently, Plus Technologies has posted a video to explain our Warehouse Management System Solutions. Specifically, this new video is available on Plus Technologies’ website. Additionally, this video and others are available on Plus Technologies’ YouTube channel,

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Duplicate and missing labels in distribution centers and warehouses can be a problem. However, OM Plus can prevent this. In the case of label printer failure the OM Plus system will automatically fail-over a backup device and notify IT. This is done so that the production lines can keep running and shipments can continue to be made on time. In addition, OM Plus will load balance print jobs across multiple devices to increase throughput in peak times. Furthermore, shipping documents will be ‘bundled’ or ‘kitted’ in groups in order to ensure that proper sequencing is maintained. In order to increase productivity, documents (based on ‘triggers’) will be intelligently redirected to the optimal printer.

Automated Centralized Management

  • Inventory Levels
  • Stock Locations

Core Busniness Processes

  • Labels
  • Pick Tickets
  • Invoices
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Manifests
  • Bill of Lading

Workflow to Maximize Productivity

  • Creation of Special Label
  • Delivery to the Printers
  • Print Confirmation
  • Load Balancing
  • Automated Failover
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