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New OM Plus Web Client now Available

New OM Plus Web Client now Available

New OM Plus Web Client now Available, New Version, Web Client, OM Plus, DM, Delivery Manager, Plus Technologies

New OM Plus Web Client now Available

A new version of Plus Technologies’ Web Client has completed QA and is now available. OM Plus Web Client Version 2.5.001 includes new features and adds the ability to set up OM Plus Security features within the web client. The web client was upgraded and released earlier this year and allowed users to manage all jobs and destinations. Moreover, adding security was always planned as a second phase of the new web client. Users interested in a version upgrade should contact [email protected]

OM Plus – Print Management Software

The Plus Technologies output management and print management software product portfolio is called the OM Plus Suite. OM Plus print management software consists of multiple print management software products each designed to solve a specific kind of output management problem.

Products in the OM Plus print management software Suite can stand on their own. However, our print management software products can be combined into print solutions to suit specific customer print output needs. This ability to integrate the print software solutions together provides a wide range of capabilities and scalability. Moreover, this integration can be quite helpful to solve unique document related business problems.

Plus Technologies is very experienced in solving print output or document flow related business problems with our print management software. We have sold thousands of print software systems to a wide variety of customers. Solving a huge range of print related problems.

Our Services team listens carefully to our customers to fully understand their output management related requirements. We work collaboratively with the customer to design the right print solution for each customer situation. In most cases, we assist in customer testing to prove the solution works (before asking the customer to purchase). Furthermore, Plus Technologies will customize solutions for individual needs. We will train users how to get the most out of their solution.

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