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Web Client v2.2 is now available

Web Client v2.2 is now available

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Web Client v2.2 is now available

Plus Technologies has a new UI release. Version 2.2 of the OM Plus UI is available for customers with valid technical support contracts. Version 2.2 of the Web Client will start shipping immediately. However, OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) version 2.6.7 (or later) is required. Furthermore, this web client is written in html and java. Therefore, this new UI requires Tomcat and Java Run-time. This latest version of Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Web Client is fully compiled and put in the builds directory. Web Client v2 has passed QA and is available for customers.

Web Client Version 2.2.0001

  • Added Define Destination Screen
  • Added Log Viewer
  • Requests screen status totals can now be selected to filter jobs
  • Rebuilt the nav-bar in the requests screen to match the new Define Destination screen
  • Redesigned the login screens for both normal and admin logins

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Plus Technologies’ Versions

  • Plus Technologies is always adding features to satisfy our customers
  • We are constantly updating our various products
  • Version numbers may change frequently
  • For precise version numbers and/or enhancements, please Contact Us
  • Customers with OM Plus 2.4.1 or earlier will need to upgrade to a new version to receive support

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