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What is ECM? |Enterprise Content Management

What is ECM? |Enterprise Content Management

ECM stands for enterprise content management and means that content can be captured from multiple sources, managed and made available on an as needed basis. It involves capturing, storing/archiving and managing content.

OM Plus Report Manager (RM) from Plus Technologies is an ECM based on the concept of ‘print avoidance’. Reports that are typically printed, can be automatically ingested, indexed, burst, distributed electronically, and viewed via a web browser. Printing costs are eliminated, documents are accessible sooner, and end user mobility is increased. OM Plus RM is a document repository for computer generated reports as well as scanned documents.

Features of OM Plus RM include:

  • Auto indexing of reports
  • Capture of scanned documents
  • Intuitive folder structure
  • Version control
  • Audit information
  • Browser based viewing
  • Inter and Intra document search
  • Annotations
  • Line shading
  • Document level security
  • Email and print

For more information on OM Plus RM, contact Plus Technologies.

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