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What is ERP software and what you should know about printing?

What is ERP software and what you should know about printing?

ERP or enterprise resource planning software creates the documents needed to run a business. These documents are often critical to the core business processes of the company such as, shipping, invoicing, collections, payment, inventory management and include documents like labels, bills of lading, checks, invoices, reports and other critical documents. If these documents are unable print properly, important business processes will be interrupted, costing businesses time and money.

Where the problem start?

Traditionally, applications such as, SAP, EPIC, Cerner and Peoplesoft rely on the native operating system’s limited spooling utilities for printing. With traditional spooling, there is no way to confirm the delivery of a print job to the output tray. When problems arise, there are no alerts sent to the user, no way to restart print jobs that have failed, no automated failover to an alternate printer, no way to troubleshoot and diagnose print problems and no way to load balance documents evenly across multiple printers.

How can OM Plus Delivery Manager help?

OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) by Plus Technologies replaces the operating system’s spooling utilities and performs all the print spooling functions used by the ERP software. OM Plus will open bi-directional communications with pjl compliant printers and track the printing process on a page-by-page basis. In this way, OM Plus can ‘confirm’ that printing successfully occurred and the pages are in the output tray. If a print job does not complete properly OM Plus can be set up to automatically re-print on a fail-over printer, notify the help desk, re-print later or perform other elegant strategies. In addition, users of OM Plus DM have access to the complete list of advanced features to enhance printing such load balancing, label printing and print accounting as well as many others.

OM Plus provides many benefits for ERP Software:

  • No application changes are required
  • Print confirmation
  • Confidential print features
  • Advance print security
  • On the fly queue management
  • Automated fail-over at the printer, server and site levels
  • Load balancing
  • Dashboard features to monitor performance
  • Very competitive cost point

OM Plus has been installed to complement virtually every major ERP/enterprise application software product in the market and has an impressive client list of users of SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft, QAD MFG/Pro, ATEX, Manhattan Associates/PKMS warehouse, GALC, Lawson, Bankway, and many, many others. In addition, OM Plus has provided spooling to many healthcare applications such EPIC, Cerner, IDX, Soarian, and others.

For more information or to schedule a Web Demonstartion on how OM Plus DM can save you time and money, contact Plus Technologies.

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