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What’s New at Plus Technologies?

  • Date: Nov 29, 2012
  • Categories: Blog

What’s New at Plus Technologies?

Those of you on our mailing list have already received information regarding some of our new products and features but for those of you who have not, here is what we have been up to.

Smartphone / Tablet Mobile Printing Solution: Our new Mobile Printing solution allows users to print emails to the nearest printer from their email-enabled device such as an iPad. All users have to do is email the document to an OM Plus print queue and release it at the network printer of their choice.

Mobile Web Client:  Recently, we developed a Mobile Web Client (MWC) module for OM Plus Delivery Manager print software. The MWC allows you to monitor your printing environment from an interface designed specifically for mobile devices such as smart-phones and iPads.

Color and Mono Page Counting: Due to a recent customers request, our developers have created a solution for those that want a definitive count of pages printed in color and/or mono by user. Our OM Plus software is able to retrieve actual page count information from the printer itself.

Secure Print Release: Enhancements have been made to Secure Print Release. Users are now able to release print jobs through various methods including Workstation, Mobile Devices, Embedded, and through RFID technology. Studies indicate that on average, companies generate a 5% volume savings from Secure Print Release.

Updates to OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM): As with all of our products, there are constant updates. Recently, there have been several updates to ou print fleet management software – OM Plus FM. These updates include UI improvements on DDC and customers management, Device Contact and Resolvers’ E-Mail fields now support multiple addresses, new option to disable re-notifications on Alert Configuration screen, filters on printer management screen now persist while loading device data, etc.

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