Work-From-Home Printing

Work-From-Home Printing

Work-From-Home Printing, Plus Technologies, OM Plus

Work-From-Home Printing

More and more employees are working from home. However, working from home can present corporate print issues. In some cases, work-at-home employees need to print documents at home that are created on systems at the office. In other cases, employees need to print documents created at home at the office. Both these cases can be problematic.


Work-From-Home (Need to print documents created on corporate systems at home)

  • Potential Issues
    • Corporate apps or networks do not know about or connect to print devices at home.
    • Many documents contain controlled, private, confidential, or protected information (PI) that should not be viewed or shared outside the enterprise. However, they may now need to be used by workers from home.
    • There is no remote access to at least the protected enterprise documents.
    • Many home networks are untrustworthy, and should not share network resources or be VPN-connected.
    • Enterprises often have a mix of systems, applications, and document workflows from many different creators/designers, so the enterprise needs a flexible, enterprise solution.

Work-From-Home (Need to print documents created at home at the office)

  • Potential Issues
    • Some documents should not be sent outside the corporate network (ie. printed at home).
    • Many documents contain controlled, private, confidential, or protected information (PI) and should only be printed on protected enterprise devices (at work).
    • Secure access to office-based network and devices.
    • New or temporary remote users may not have a home-based print device, or be able to define one.

Plus Technologies can help with these scenarios. Based on our OM Plus print software we have abilities to seamlessly connect to back-office systems such as ERP/EMR/WMS/Mainframe and others. We can perform document transform so that the format is correct for the printer. In addition, we can intelligently route to undefined printers as needed and we can add a layer of security so that documents are not transmitted in the open. Moreover, we provide pull-print technology and we can add other numerous features that may add value.

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