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June 18, 2020

SAP Print Spooling Software

SAP Print Spooling Software, OM Plus, Output Management, Plus Technologies, SAP

SAP Print Spooling Software

Many organizations print business critical documents such as invoices, labels, pick tickets, bills of lading, compliance documents, etc from their SAP ERP system. Problems with the printing of these documents will affect important business processes. Specifically, a missed label, pick ticket, or bill of lading can delay a shipment and cause a missed deadline.

OM Plus Delivery Manager is an SAP BC-XOM certified print spooler with advanced, intelligent, print spooling software designed to seamlessly complement SAP ERP output. For SAP print spooling, OM Plus ingests and manages the delivery of output requests from one or more SAP and non-SAP systems.

OM Plus increases reliability and scalability; it manages delivery of output to printers and bi-directionally communicates with the device to confirm print occurs properly. In the case of print failure automated actions can occur such as fail-over and notification. OM Plus can report the printer status of each job back to the SAP system so SAP users can view the status from their SAP UI.

June 5, 2020

Work-From-Home Printing

Work-From-Home Printing, Plus Technologies, OM Plus

Work-From-Home Printing

More and more employees are working from home. However, working from home can present corporate print issues. In some cases, work-at-home employees need to print documents at home that are created on systems at the office. In other cases, employees need to print documents created at home at the office. Both these cases can be problematic.


April 22, 2019

New Version of OM Plus Delivery Manager

New Version of OM Plus Delivery Manager - Ready for Release, DM, OM Plus, Delivery Manager, Output Management, Update software

New Version of OM Plus Delivery Manager – Ready for Release

A new version of OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) print software has completed QA and is now being shipped. The new release version number is and current customers are able to upgrade to this latest version for free. Version includes new features and fixes such as:

  • Support for TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 security protocols
  • Multi-page Rx printing changes
  • i-Sat print job confirmation to the tray
  • UI changes and enhancements
  • Added i-Sat mutual authentication to increase security
  • Updated certified SAP integration
  • Installation changes and improvements

Any user with a valid support contract can request an upgrade by contacting [email protected]
For more information, please contact Plus Technologies

February 27, 2018

OM Plus Makes Changes for New Epic Version

Epic App Orchard Site, Plus Technologies, Output Management, OM PlusOM Plus Makes Changes for New Epic Version

OM Plus Delivery Manager print software has been integrated with Epic software for over ten years. Plus Technologies has a significant user base of OM Plus customers that run the integrated OM Plus – Epic solution. Now Epic is moving to a new release of their software called Epic 2018 .

Epic 2018 changes the way it interacts with third party Output Management Software (OMS) products like OM Plus. The rules regarding the location of OMS components within Epic 2018 has changed requiring an architectural changes within OM Plus. In addition, Epic has introduced a new API. As a result, Plus Technologies has had to write a new OM Plus interface to work with the Epic API. Plus Technologies is currently working together to test and certify this new API interface.

October 18, 2017

Document Workflow Management and Automation

Plus Technologies’ Document Workflow Management and Automation Video, Plus Technologies, Output Management, OM Plus

Plus Technologies’ Document Workflow Management and Automation Video

Recently, Plus Technologies has posted a video to explain a case study with a large Rail company. This document workflow management case study outlines the powerful features found in OM Plus print management software. This customer was looking for a solution to remedy the excessive waste in their work order package process while eliminating timely delays. OM Plus print manager is able to recognize, parse, cleanse, apply page numbers, duplex, staple, assemble, hold for release, and delete obsolete versions of work order packages. The user is able to select their current job through the on-demand interface on their printer’s touch-screen. When the customer is ready, they simply select the appropriate work order package to be printed immediately.

June 19, 2017

Plus Technologies’ Partner Highlights Us on Website

Plus Technologies, Partner, Enterprise Output Management, Plus Technologies' Partner Highlights Us on WebsitePlus Technologies’ Partner Highlights Us on Website

Plus Technologies’ partner Shazam Information Technologies SRL has recently updated their website to include partners. With this new update Plus Technologies is now listed on their website. Additionally, Shazam is listed on Plus Technologies’ website; under the menu Partners – Reseller Partners-International.

Specifically, on Shazam’s website (, Plus Technologies can be found under EOM (Enterprise Output Management).

March 27, 2017

German Cable Company Adds Print Software

Plus Technologies, OM Plus, Delivery Manager, DM, Print SoftwareGerman Cable Company Adds Print Software

A cable and harnessing manufacturing firm adds OM Plus print software. This company has branches throughout the world but is headquartered in Germany. With 55,000 employees this company is one of the world’s leading providers to the automotive industry and many others. Moreover, they provide wires, optical fibers, cables, cable systems, and related services.

This company purchased an OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) license for their location in Belgium. This is their fifth instance of OM Plus DM print software. Additionally, they have over 1,000 printers defined to OM Plus print software and they also bought the new Web Client. Also, our new Web Client was completely redesigned to improve performance and usability.

This purchase of OM Plus manages and controls document output from multiple back-end systems, confirms delivery, and reduce helpdesk costs. Furthermore, this order was acquired through clsystech whom is one of Plus Technologies’ partners located in Germany.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies.

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