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Color Print ControlQuota System

Color Print Control System

Color printing is much more expensive than printing in mono. Replacing color cartridges is very expensive. The cost of color print is also very high in Managed Print Service environments where the cost of color print can be 7x to 10x the cost of mono. Therefore minimizing unnecessary color printing is critical to managing cost. In most organizations, much of the color printing is unnecessary and can be avoided.

OM Plus is an advanced print spooling solution that can minimize color printing page volume and reduce cost by allowing users to define daily/weekly/monthly quotas for their color printers. Quotas can be set for an individual or group of printers. Users will be permitted to print color up to the quota limit. Once the limit has been attained user printing will be routed to a predetermined mono device. At the start of the next period the quota would be reset. The quota can be over-ruled by users who have the appropriate security permissions.

In this way customers will save money as end users will be discouraged from unnecessary color printing. In addition, customers can be confident that their printing budgets will not be exceeded and budgeting can become very predictable.

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