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EliminateWindows Print Servers

Eliminate Windows Print Servers from Plus Technologies

OM Plus delivery Manager print spooling software can reduce the need for Windows print servers. To further this benefit, Plus Technologies has partnered with PrinterLogic to provide an integrated solution that manages, monitors and delivers the continual flow of business critical printing across the enterprise while eliminating the need for Windows print servers.

The combined solution provides a single integration for both front end and back end printing. Plus Technologies OM Plus software streamlines and provides value add functionality to EMR, ERP, other back office applications. PrinterLogic provides the ability to automate front-end print queue/driver management and deployment for end users which includes a self-service installation portal.

Through this combined software integration, both front-end and back-end environments are streamlined to reduce infrastructure and cost. Leveraging direct IP printing along with OM Plus Delivery Manager allows Windows print servers to be eliminated.

Key Features

  • Create, configure and manage printers and drivers for both back-end and front-end printing without the need for Windows print servers.
  • High availability printing for mission critical applications
  • Failover capability at the workstation and application server levels
  • Advanced delivery functions & intelligent rules-based routing
  • Detailed audit logs and enhanced troubleshooting capabilities


  • Single integration for both front end and back end printing
  • Eliminated or reduced Windows Print Servers
  • Lowered print and print management costs
  • Reduced errors, duplicates and missing documents
  • Streamlined and improve processes
  • Increased scalability to meet volumes and deadlines
  • Faster problem identification and resolution
  • Greater user & IT productivity
  • Increase capacity and reliability

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