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LinuxPrint Solutions

Linux Printing Solutions

Plus Technologies’ OM Plus software suite is a highly efficient print management solution set that can drastically reduce your costs of printing and document management. Our proven software products make our customer’s core business applications more efficient, more functional, and easier to manage. Our software solutions are backed by our well-qualified technical support team.

In a Linux print environment, there are basic open source spoolers. However, these products have limitations. They only provide rudimentary functionality, are not optimized or integrated with key ERP applications such as SAP, cannot provide end-to-end confirmation, do not provide advanced features such as intelligent routing, bundling, mobile device email printing, are not well supported, have poor user interfaces, and are difficult to maintain.

Due to these limitations, we offer OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) for Linux for environments in which a multi-platform environment is necessary, with a single solution. OM Plus DM will enable extended spooling capabilities, comes equipped with a user-friendly UI, and comes with an option for a high degree of support.

OM Plus DM is an extensive print spooling solution that offers a wide range of spooling capabilities including context based (intelligent routing), secure print release (Follow the User style print), mobile printing solutions, web and mobile UI’s, RFID printing, tamper resistant printing for health care, color printing control, fleet management, etc., as well numerous extended solutions not available in open source alternatives.

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