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Managed PrintService Providers

Managed Print Service Providers

Managed Print Service Providers use Plus Technologies software solutions primarily for advanced print management/output management and print services. Additionally, managed print service providers use OM Plus software to provide cost per page based services. OM Plus replaces the native print spooling tools with a robust, heavy duty print job management and advanced print spooling system. In fact increased control of enterprise print jobs will improve print job delivery. In addition, increased control will increase help desk efficiency and improve the fidelity of your document centric business processes.

Generally speaking, OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM) captures pages printed. Additionally, FM captures copies, scans, faxes, color, and more. Moreover, FM keeps track of toner capacity and levels. Furthermore, managed print services will be proactively notified by FM of consumables that need to be ordered. In addition, FM captures device based alerting information. Then managed print service providers can dispatch break/fix personnel to repair devices.

Other features of OM Plus print software often used by managed print service providers and other users include:

  • Reduce cost related to support
  • Provide superior diagnostic information allowing for improved customer service
  • Increases system reliability and performance reducing help desk calls
  • Intelligent document routing

Listed below are some of the Plus Technologies solutions commonly used in this market. However, for a complete list of solutions go to the print solutions page.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact us. Additionally, for a list of Plus Technologies customers in this market please follow this link – customer list.

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