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ReducingPrint Cost

Printing Services to Reducing Print Cost

Most organizations do not understand their printing costs. According to Gartner Group, printing costs average between 1% and 3% of an organization’s revenue. That is a large amount. The good news is that most organizations are not ‘optimized’ from a print point of view. In addition, there are tools like OM Plus that can help optimize printing services and dramatically reduce print costs.

OM Plus reduces print costs by streamlining administration, reducing pages printed, optimizing printing services, minimizing color toner usage, reducing print failures/delays, and improving consumable ordering efficiencies. According to a recent independent survey the average ROI for OM Plus-like print service tools is nearly 400%.

OM Plus will allow users to:

  • See organizational print metrics and costs
  • Reduce print volume and waste
  • Reduce administrative labor by 33%
  • Reduce Help Desk calls by 20%
  • Reduce print failures/delays by over 50%
  • Reduce printer service/support costs by 10%

OM Plus can streamline operations, reduce paper and toner usage, report user print usage, enforce quotas and more:

Reduce paper and toner usage

  • Page level restart
  • Print Release from printer (saves up to 1/3 of end user pages)
  • Auto duplex printing

Reduce End User Print

  • OM Plus user print metrics used to educate users/departments
  • Print quota’s
  • Print policy enforcement
  • Redirect jobs into pull or viewing systems
  • Print Release from printer

Reduce Color Printing

  • Dynamic re-routing of color to mono devices based on triggers
  • Re-purposing color to mono on color devices
  • Color quotas

Reduce Admin and Help Desk Labor

  • OM Plus is proven to save 33% labor in these areas
  • Simple uniform tool set
  • Trouble shooting tools
  • Notification of printer issues
  • System monitor

Redirect Jobs

  • Large jobs redirected to lower cost high speed devices
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