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OM Plus Print Confirmation Software

Typical print spooling software “fires and forgets”. By that we mean that when native operating system print spoolers receive jobs from enterprise applications, they spool it to the printer then immediately deletes the job. There is no further connection with the printer and therefore the spooler is not aware of job status, has no understanding of print success or failure, no recovery, no reprint and certainly no value add print features.

OM Plus will receive jobs from the enterprise application and open a connection with the printer. This connection is maintained throughout the entire print process. OM Plus will be able to communicate with pjl compliant printers and even label printers (via proprietary interfaces) to determine the status of a print job on a page-by-page basis. After the job is complete OM Plus DM can be set up to hold the job for a customer definable amount of time enabling reprint when needed. If the job should fail, OM Plus DM can be set up to perform a number of functions such as user notification, help desk notification, automated job re-routing to a fail-over device, and eventually, print confirmation. Jobs can be re-printed from the beginning or from the page that failed.

In this way, OM Plus DM provides end-to-end print confirmation. We know if/ the paper has landed in the output tray. End-to-end confirmation (assured print) allows the administrators to locate the problem area quickly when delivery interruptions and failures occur. OM Plus is fully SNMP compliant and can capture data provided by SNMP devices. This allows users to see more detailed information on device status (i.e. the printer is low on toner). OM Plus can even talk directly to web enabled devices to gather detailed status information.

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