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Print Control fore-forms

Print Control for e-forms Products

Organizations use electronic forms (e-forms) solutions to re-purpose text output into richly formatted documents used to facilitate business processes. These documents include invoices, checks, pick tickets, pack lists, bar-coded documents, and many others. Once these e-forms products create the document they use the native print spooling system to deliver the documents to the printers. It is at this point these products loose control of the document and the print process.

This lack of control over the printing process can lead to problems such as:

  • no print confirmation
  • no way to confirm the number of pages actually printed is correct
  • no load balancing solution
  • no fail-over solution
  • no automated routing capability

OM Plus is an advanced print spooling solution that resolves all these problems. OM Plus will ingest the document at print time and control/monitor its progress until properly printed. OM Plus will route the print job to the correct printer and can make real-time routing decisions based on document content, printer health, etc. OM Plus will open bi-directional communications with printers (including proprietary barcode devices) to confirm the printing function on a page-by-page basis. OM Plus will confirm the pages are printed and in the output tray. OM Plus can load balance print jobs across multiple devices. OM Plus can detect when the printer has failed and can automatically fail the job over at the appropriate page to a backup device. OM Plus has also been used to load balance workload on e-forms servers to increase productivity. Should a print failure occur, OM Plus also has a host of diagnostic tools to trouble shoot the print problem.

Plus Technologies has experience with virtually all the leading e-forms products in the market and knows how to seamlessly integrate OM Plus into these solutions. Please contact us for more information.

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