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Print JobBundling

Print Job Bundling Services

Print output from Enterprise Applications may not always be in the order organizations desire and there may be a need to merge documents. In addition, organizations may desire to group print output into “kits or bundles” to improve print productivity.

For example, in a logistics print environment, organizations may want to create “bundles” consisting of invoices and pick tickets based on customer number to simplify and streamline the shipping process. By creating bundles based on customer number organizations can print the entire bundle as a single entity on a printer. By load balancing bundle printing across multiple printers and by adding a fail-over capability in case of printer failure, productivity can be significantly increased, delayed shipments can be avoided and accounts receivable can be improved. This can make a powerful business case.

In bulk printing environments, breaking large print jobs into bundles to spread across multiple printers will increase productivity.

All this can be done without impacting the core business application at the print spooler level by using OM Plus with its Bundler option. In this scenario, OM Plus can receive the print jobs in the order created by the enterprise application and re-order them based on a user specified parameter, such as customer number. OM Plus can also be set up to define the boundaries of the bundles and add trailer documents between bundles. OM Plus will print the bundle as if it were a single merged document so that other print jobs cannot get in between ensuring bundle integrity. Furthermore, OM Plus can load balance bundles between printers to increase print productivity. Automated fail-over to a backup printer can also be added to avoid downtime.

No enterprise application changes are required.

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