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StreamliningPrint Administration

Streamlining Print Administration

Organizations rely on printing for execution of their core business processes. Ensuring a robust and reliable print infrastructure without an advanced spooling product can be difficult. The native, O/S based spooling system is a “fire and forget” technology. Jobs spooled through native O/S spooling systems are instantly deleted from the spooling systems once sent to the printer. There are no bi-directional communications capabilities, no print confirmation, limited trouble shooting tools, no reprint, no fail-over, no user friendly monitor. In addition, there are scalability and reliability issues with these native spooling systems, especially in Windows. This makes the Sys Admin and Help Desk’s job very difficult.

OM Plus ingests the jobs at the operating system level and keeps it in the system. OM Plus provides a system wide view of print jobs and print devices in the system. OM Plus has numerous user interfaces to choose from including thick client, browser based interfaces, and even a dashboard for multi server implementations.

OM Plus provides bi-directional communication capabilities with printers to confirm delivery. Should a print failure occur OM Plus will be aware of it. OM Plus provides the trouble shooting tools to diagnose print problems. OM Plus provides automated fail-over of failed jobs at a page level so jobs do not have re-printed from the beginning. Users can execute reprints, move jobs, cancel jobs as well as a host of other functions. In addition, OM Plus is robust and scalable.

The end result, is that the effort required to support the print infrastructure is streamlined. The system is reliable, provides many print functions, and is easy to use. Using OM Plus frees up time so that Sys Admin and Help Desk resources can focus on other important priorities.

Streamlining Print Administration

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