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My Print Delivery for VDI

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The My Print Delivery for VDI software solution from Plus Technologies increases print mobility, confidentiality, regulatory compliance, and security. With our VDI print solution, volumes can be reduced by as much as 15% – 20% lowering expensive printing costs.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the practice of hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual machine (VM) running on a hosted, centralized, or remote server. This allows users to roam and utilize various convenient client machines to access their desktop environment. It also enables them to quickly move from one device to another with simple session disconnects/reconnects, instead of going through extensive and time consuming, complete log-off/log-on processes.

VDI environments are especially popular in the health care market. A number of healthcare organizations have adopted the VDI to provide ample mobility to nurses and physicians in the organization. These employees are able to retrieve necessary patient information and records from the most convenient location, allowing for increased productivity.

The use of VDI technology greatly enhances user productivity, however, there is a limitation with VDI. Because of host application limitations, nearby printers are not available to the user when at a remote workstation. To print a document to a nearby printer users would, in fact, have go through the extensive login process VDI helps them avoid. This is time consuming and unproductive.

Plus Technologies has developed a solution to this printing limitation based on its OM Plus “Delivery Manager” print software. This print software app allows users access to printers where-ever they are, even at a remote computer. In this way, printing in a VDI environment can be as mobile as the computer access, saving time and adding convenience. Plus Technologies calls this capability My Print Delivery software.

With the OM Plus My Print Delivery software users continue to print the way they always have. No client software is required. Print jobs are captured in a single OM Plus print queue for all users, no matter where they roam with their virtual desktops. OM Plus print software holds the print jobs until the users want them released at a printer, where and when they need them.

OM Plus print software allows users to release the print jobs by a variety of methods including card swipe/tap, from a smart-phone, from a tablet, from an app built into the printer itself, or from a release workstation. This multi release capability makes OM Plus a unique solution.

Other advantages provided from the OM Plus solution include the ability to re-print documents, re-route documents, allow surrogates to print, and a complete audit trail.

There are many advantages to the My Print Delivery for VDI system:

  • Secure: Users are authenticated and only see their jobs.
  • Confidentiality and Compliance: The risk of printed documents left in the output bin is minimized as the users will be directly at the device.
  • Mobility: Users can move from one location to another and still print without having the need to use previously defined printers.
  • Cost: can reduce print volumes by 15%-20% lower usage of expensive toner.
  • Green: Less paper and less toner is consumed.

There are several advantages of going with the Plus Technologies, OM Plus:

  • No client install
  • Easy to use
  • Numerous user interfaces
  • Add-on Features such as re-direction of jobs, reprint capabilities
  • Plus Technologies Experience: Plus Technologies has been delivering print solutions since 1994 and has tens of thousands of installs in 30 countries world wide.
  • Cost Effective: Compared to other solutions OM Plus SPR costs less.

OM Plus Print Release for VDI – Smartphone Interface
Smartphone Interface
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