5 Benefits of Mobile Printing

5 Benefits of Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing

Gone are the days when the only way to print was to connect the printer to your personal computer or laptop. Mobile printing solutions are making everything much more convenient these days and they can help you get things done quickly and efficiently. They can even be made cost-effective with the right printing software.

Mobile printing is not at all as complicated as it sounds. It allows you to quickly fulfill print jobs without internal obstacles. Simply store the document on your mobile device (such as your tablet, smartphone, or laptop) and when it’s ready to print, send it to your preferred printer. And thanks to secure printing solutions, users are not required to store data on a server before making it available for printing.

Here are the many other benefits of mobile printing:

1. Improved workflow and productivity
Investing in the right technologies and printing software can encourage your employees to become more productive. Mobile printing will enable them to print from anywhere without relying on a single PC workstation. Typically, mobile printing only allows for frontend printing such as Word documents, emails, etc. The mobile solution from Plus Technologies also allows for the printing of documents from corporate backend systems such as SAP, Oracle, Epic, and Cerner. Printer traffic can also be prevented. This is especially important during these times of social distancing and minimizing contact.

2. Savings
Aside from helping you save time, mobile printing can potentially reduce costs because it eliminates the need to set up multiple printing workstations and buy more printers for every user. You can put off printing until it is absolutely necessary, and this can help save ink and paper down the line.

3. Enhanced customer service
If your organization or sector deals mostly with clients and customers, then you need secure printing solutions to make your team nimbler and more productive. Mobile printing lets your employees print from their mobile devices so they can finish their printing jobs fast and dedicate more time to serving customers. It also prevents customer frustration that may arise from things taking too long to process and print in your office.

4. Print from anywhere
Mobile printing allows you to print from literally anywhere in the office. The right printing software will allow your team to print both frontend and backend documents while on the road, too, so you do not have to worry about not being able to access important documents on time. As long as you have access to the internet, you can easily connect to a printer with mobile printing capabilities.

5. Increased compliance and confidentiality
Secure mobile printing solutions are essential for complying with data privacy laws and regulations. Because it empowers users to print only when they are ready, it reduces the risk of having printed documents left or abandoned on the printer tray while making sure that only authorized users will have access to their printouts.

Does mobile printing sound like the technology you’d like to have in your office? Do your employees need to print from backend enterprise systems that traditional solutions do not allow? Plus Technologies can provide the printing software to help you get started. Our OM Plus My-Print Delivery is one of the secure printing solutions in our line. It enables pull printing and mobility all around. Contact us for more details and to give it a try.

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