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NYC Renews OM Plus Contract

NYC Renews OM Plus Contract

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City of New York (NYC) Renews OM Plus Contract

City of New York has been an OM Plus Print Software user for the past 8 years. Once again, NYC has decided to renew their right-to-use contract for OM Plus print software. The City of New York uses OM Plus software to automate and streamline their web-based Arraignment process. OM Plus helps ensure all the involved parties receive the documents required in a timely manner. In NYC, if people suspected of crimes are not arraigned in a timely manner they are set free. Therefore, it is paramount that documents are prepared quickly and accurately.

Plus Technologies supports this time critical process. OM Plus ingests the multiple documents that are created, then creates packets of documents based on the role of the individuals involved. An example; for the defense attorney, prosecuting attorney, police, and judge OM Plus routes the packets to the proper destination, delivers documents to printers and the appropriate output bins, communicates bidirectionally to ensure printing occurred properly, auto fails over if the printer fails, and notifies the help-desk in the case of failure.

This print software solution provided to NYC is a customized version of OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) print spooling software. Additionally, this solution includes 7 x 24 technical support.

Print output from Enterprise Applications is not always in the manner recipients require and there may be a need to merge documents. In addition, organizations may desire to group print output into “kits or bundles” to improve print productivity. In bulk printing environments, breaking large print jobs into bundles to spread across multiple printers will increase productivity.

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