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January 10, 2020

Pull-Print – Server vs Workstation Based Architecture

Pull-Print - Server vs Workstation Based Architecture, OM Plus, My-Print-Delivery, MPD, Output Management, Plus TechnologiesPull-Print – Server vs Workstation Based Architecture

There are many pull-print solutions (also called print release) in the marketplace. The vendors of these solutions claim very similar capabilities but upon closer inspection there are critical differences. As a prospective buyer of pull-print one significant difference to explore is the architecture of the solution. Does the solution require a software install on every end user workstation – or is the solution server based.

Significant Advantages to MPD

We think there are significant advantages to having a server based pull-print solution like OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD). Server based solutions like MPD typically have better integrations with key ERP’s (like SAP), EMR’s (like Epic), Single Sign-on Apps (like Imprivata). Without the integrations to back end systems like these it can be difficult for workstation based pull print systems to get the end user name or ID’s needed to release documents at the printer.

May 17, 2019

Amtrak Buys and Implements OM Plus Solution

Amtrak Buys and Implements OM Plus Solution, Plus Technologies, OM Plus, Output Management, Delivery Manager, DM

Amtrak Buys and Implements OM Plus Solution

Plus Technologies has recently received an order from Amtrak for OM Plus. Amtrak, headquartered in Washington D.C., is a passenger railroad service that provides medium-and long-distance intercity service to more than 500 destinations in the United States and to nine Canadian cities. Operating more than 300 trains daily over 21,400 miles of track makes Train Bulletin Printing very important.

Train Bulletins are mission critical documents printed at crew exchange points on the transportation network. These documents are used directly by the conductor and engineer aboard the locomotive. All trains are required to have their Train Bulletin documents printed before they can proceed to the next location, so it is imperative to the business that these jobs arrive in a reliable and effective manner.

August 22, 2017

Stats Manager II Video

Plus Technologies, OM Plus, Stats Manager, SM, Stats Manager II, Output Management, Plus Technologies’ Stats Manager II VideoPlus Technologies’ Stats Manager II Video

Recently, Plus Technologies has posted a video to explain our product OM Plus Stats Manager II. Stats Manager II (for device) is a print audit management software for advanced print accounting. OM Plus Stats Manager II adds to the function of Stats Manager I by adding device based metrics such as mono/color pages printed, copied, scanned, faxed, and toner swaps. Specifically, this new video is available on Plus Technologies’ website, Additionally, this video and others are available on Plus Technologies’ YouTube channel,

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies

April 18, 2017

NYC Renews OM Plus Contract

City of New York, New York, NYC, OM Plus, Plus Technologies, Delivery Manager, DM, renews

City of New York (NYC) Renews OM Plus Contract

City of New York has been an OM Plus Print Software user for the past 8 years. Once again, NYC has decided to renew their right-to-use contract for OM Plus print software. The City of New York uses OM Plus software to automate and streamline their web-based Arraignment process. OM Plus helps ensure all the involved parties receive the documents required in a timely manner. In NYC, if people suspected of crimes are not arraigned in a timely manner they are set free. Therefore, it is paramount that documents are prepared quickly and accurately.

Plus Technologies supports this time critical process. OM Plus ingests the multiple documents that are created, then creates packets of documents based on the role of the individuals involved. An example; for the defense attorney, prosecuting attorney, police, and judge OM Plus routes the packets to the proper destination, delivers documents to printers and the appropriate output bins, communicates bidirectionally to ensure printing occurred properly, auto fails over if the printer fails, and notifies the help-desk in the case of failure.

April 4, 2017

Manual Updates – Plus Technologies

Plus Technologies, Enterprise Software, OM Plus, Manual, Manuals, Documentation, Update, Updates, New VersionManual Updates – Plus Technologies

Plus Technologies‘ documentation includes technical guides and user manuals. Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve our products and skills. When a product is updated or a new version is released the manual associated with the product also needs to be updated. Recently we have implemented some updates and changes to our manuals. Listed below are some updates/changes that are implemented.

  • Web Client Interface – New Version with updated Status Screens
  • My-Print-Delivery (MPD) – IIS for HP & Appendix for elatec card readers using the polling card service
  • Delivery Manager (DM) – Reflects current version and took out MS Operating systems and left MS Server Operating Systems for Delivery Manager (DM)
  • Delivery Manager (DM) Quick Start Guide – Updated with current screenshots and new document format
  • Delivery Manager (DM) Client Administration – Updated with current screenshots and new document format

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies

November 8, 2013

Large supermarket chain in North Carolina has selected OM Plus Delivery Manager software to handle its SAP R3 printing

A supermarket chain with headquarters in Ashville, North Carolina who operates approximately 200 store in six south-eastern states has selected OM Plus Delivery Manager software to handle its SAP R3 printing.

After implementing SAP R3, the customer needed a highly reliable, consistent, and easy to manage print solution for over 100 printers. Since SAP R3 relies on the limited native OS for printing, they began looking for a solution with greater reliabilty and functionality.

Automating document management and business processes