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How to confirm print in SAP R3

How to confirm print in SAP R3

SAP R3 is the market-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Despite all of it’s robust features, SAP R3 relies on the native operating systems’ print spooler for print job delivery operations. This native spooling system is quite rudimentary and provides limited feedback from printers. It provides no value-added features and does not provide any print control from within SAP R3. Print jobs can get lost or may not complete. When printing problems arise, there are no alerts to the end user.

OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) by Plus Technologies solves those issues by providing a complete end-to-end printing solution. OM Plus DM is highly scalable, and is simple to install and use.

OM Plus DM is certified for both “polling” and “call- back” implementations of SAP R3. OM Plus DM will accept the print jobs from one or multiple SAP R3 servers using the defined BC-XOM process. OM Plus DM will track each of the SAP print jobs regardless of the application server and understands the SAP job identification scheme.

Once OM Plus DM has the print job, it will perform all the print spooling functions and replace the native operating system’s print spooling function that SAP uses. OM Plus DM opens bi-directional communications with pjl compliant printers and tracks the printing process on a page-by-page basis. In this way, OM Plus DM can confirm that printing has successfully occurred and the pages are in the output bin. OM Plus DM reports status back to SAP R3 so that SAP users can see the actual, real time status of their print jobs on their SAP screens. SAP R3 users can request status and cancel jobs directly from within their SAP applications.


  • It offloads SAP application servers workload, improving performance
  • It offloads work from SAP basis team and help desk
  • Increased SAP print scalability
  • Plus Technologies vast experience
  • Advanced OM Plus DM features
  • Easy to install – easy to use
  • Cost effective – low cost
  • Plus Technologies quality technical support

For more information on OM Plus (DM), contact Plus Technologies.

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