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Plus Technologies and Lexmark Partnership

Plus Technologies and Lexmark Partnership

Plus Technologies and Lexmark, Partner, OM Plus, Enterprise Output ManagementPlus Technologies and Lexmark Partnership

Plus Technologies and Lexmark partnership has really blossomed in 2016. Lexmark has been reselling Plus Technologies print software since 2004. Every year this partnership has grown. In 2016 the print software revenue generated from this relationship grew over 300% compared to 2015. In addition, this previous year there were numerous new customer acquisitions for enterprise print software solutions.

A big factor driving the revenue growth is the sale of output management software to the healthcare industry. Lexmark and Plus Technologies have has been very successful teaming up in the healthcare environment. This partnership provides solutions for enterprise healthcare environments such as Epic, McKesson, Allscripts, and Cerner systems. Plus Technologies’ Output Management solutions provides print confirmation to the tray, and error notifications. Additionally, our solutions provide error recovery tools that reduce help desk workload as well as simplifying/unifying support, and scalability to overcome system limitations.

Another solution available is plain paper prescription printing. Tamper Resistant Printing (TRP) replaces the expense of pre-printed forms while maintaining of high level of security. Additionally, Plus Technologies’ Pull-Print software (My-Print-Delivery) reduces cost, improves HIPAA compliance, and improves print mobility. Also available is an Imprivata based print release. OM Plus is the leading Imprivata certified provider of Imprivata based user authentication for print release. Furthermore, Print Statistics with OM Plus Stats Manager (SM) captures user and device based printing data. With OM Plus Stats Manager customers can implement strategies to reduce print cost.

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