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Plus Technologies’ Partner Completes Training

Plus Technologies’ Partner Completes Training

Plus Technologies, Partner, OM Plus, Output Management, Plus Technologies' Partner JomaSoft Completes TrainingPlus Technologies’ Partner JomaSoft Completes Training

Plus Technologies‘ Partner JomaSoft has recently completed training and has passed a certification test for OM Plus UNIX. Founded in the year 2000, JomaSoft GmbH provides software products and IT services cross industry. Moreover, JomaSoft’s primary focus is on IT infrastructures using Solaris and Linux.
JomaSoft underwent three training sessions of two hours each. Furthermore, these sessions are for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced OM Plus. Additionally, JomaSoft has displayed functional knowledge in these following areas:

  • Installations and Upgrading OM PlusPlus Technologies, Partner, OM Plus, Output Management, Plus Technologies' Partner JomaSoft Completes Training
  • Installing and checking on License status
  • Tuning OM Plus for Max Destinations and Jobs to match the license
  • Troubleshooting, including reading logs and using the System Messages tool to decode error messages
  • Creating Destinations with / without confirmed delivery and non-standard model
  • Using the command line and terminal based menu tools ‘dccadmin’ and ‘dccstat’ to configure and control the system

During training and testing JomaSoft has displayed excellent knowledge and use of the UNIX O/S and conversed fluently in English. In addition, Plus Technologies has full confidence in their ability to support our customers and represent our brand.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies.

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Plus Technologies is seeking distribution and re-seller partners in selected European and Asian territories. Partners are experienced in selling and supporting software to IT in manufacturing, financial, corporate, government, healthcare, education, as well as other markets. Plus Technologies offers a strong partnering program with significant margins, training, and technical support.

In addition Plus Technologies will assign new leads in territory to proven partners. Also, Plus Technologies partner agreements are very flexible.

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