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PrinterLogic’s New Web Stack and OM Plus

PrinterLogic’s New Web Stack and OM Plus

1Web OMPlusPrinterLogic’s New Web Stack and OM Plus

Plus Technologies and PrinterLogic have had a long standing partnership to solve print problems for our mutual customers. The company’s products solve different print related issues and do not significantly overlap and together provide a holistic print solution. The companies have integrated their products, so they work seamlessly together.

Now there is a white paper that describes the solutions and the benefits. Some of the content of the white paper is shown below – for a full copy please contact us .

Why Organizations Want an Enterprise Print Management Solution

Managing Enterprise printing is a big problem for large organizations. Analysts say that 20-60 percent of helpdesk calls are printer related and 30 percent of business process failures are related to print issues. The reason for these staggering statistics is that managing Enterprise printing is a complex process. It involves multiple data streams, workflows, servers, operating systems, data transformations and complex networks supporting many printers and workstations at multiple locations. With the disparate native utilities that “out-of- the-box” applications rely upon, this type of environment provides many challenges for organizations.

Typical Enterprise Print Management Challenges Include:

  • Lack of ability to automate the creation and on-going maintenance of printer objects or print queues and printer driver deployment across various workstations, operating systems and intricate virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) such as Citrix and VMware Horizon View. (i.e., many redundant printer objects across many servers and workstations).
  • Lack of centralized print job management and monitoring tools that can apply advanced rules- based delivery options, track the flow of print jobs, provide proactive alert notifications and empower the helpdesk to quickly resolve print issues.
  • Too many print servers at host and remote locations results in costly infrastructure and support costs.
  • Inefficient WAN utilization with central print servers handling the local print requirements at remote sites (i.e., double hops on WAN).
  • Out-of- the-box solutions lack value and capabilities such as:
  • Advanced rules-based routing based on job content, situation and other information • Tamper Resistant Rx printing on plain paper.
  • Secure mobile printing release capabilities.
  • Secure remote internet printing.
  • Statistical analysis of print usage.
  • High availability, load balancing and other issues.

Today, IT departments are looking for Enterprise print management solutions that can overcome the challenges above for both front-end printing and back-end printing environments. Front-end printing refers to when users go through a standard Windows print experience and they can choose printers/preferences. Back-end printing is when users go through a print experience dictated by the application software where they have limited or no choice of printers and preferences.

The integration of PrinterLogic and Plus Technologies solutions provides an Enterprise print management solution that addresses the issues above.

From a high-level PrinterLogic and Plus Technologies deliver:

  • PrinterLogic Web Stack (formerly Printer Installer), an on-premises web application that enables IT to manage and automate the creation/propagation of printer ‘OBJECTS’ and printer ‘DRIVERS’ across the print environment from a single Admin console.
  • Printer objects created in PrinterLogic Web Stack are replicated to the Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Delivery Manager back-end print environment.
  • OM Plus Delivery Manager manages the delivery of business process-related print jobs from applications, such as EMR, ERP, SAP accounting systems and desktops. It provides advanced rules-based document delivery, confirmation of delivery, load balancing, monitoring, proactive alerts, reporting, support toolsets and more.
  • Both solutions help reduce the number of print servers.

By integrating these solutions, we are able to provide an enterprise-class print management solution that empowers IT to manage their entire print environment


The integration of PrinterLogic Web Stack and Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Delivery Manager enables organizations to implement an Enterprise-class print management solution, encompassing both Windows front-end printing and business application-driven back-end printing.

It significantly increases the operational efficiency of the Enterprise print environment by:

  • Reducing the time required to create, deploy and manage printers in the enterprise. • Giving enterprise visibility to printers, jobs and processes along with helpdesk toolsets.
  • Providing advanced rules-based delivery capabilities.
  • Reducing the number of print servers.
  • Increasing the performance and availability of the overall print environment.

With Print Output Management Solutions from PrinterLogic and Plus Technologies, setting up and managing print environments is easier and faster, the environment operates more efficiently and problem resolution can happen in minutes instead of hours or days.

Plus Technologies offers free trials and evaluations of all our products.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies.


[email protected]com

Automating Document Related Business Processes

Plus Technologies located in Ohio has been developing enterprise level document and output management software since 1994. Plus Technologies’ focus is on improving business processes affected by documents. We have thousands of customers, tens of thousands of server software installations, and millions of printers under management in 30 countries.

Plus Technologies serves customers of all sizes as our products, licensing, and pricing is scalable upwards and downwards. We have departmental as well as enterprise wide output management software implementations. We have successfully sold into many Fortune 500 organizations.

One reason for our success is our willingness to respond quickly to our customer’s unique requirements. First, we listen to the customer to understand their environment and their needs. Second, we work with the customer to determine the optimal solution. In addition, we are able to quickly make enhancements to our products to meet specific needs. Third, we offer pricing and licensing flexibility to suit our customer’s budget. Lastly, we provide world class support. This recipe has served us well over the years and as a result, we have an extremely loyal customer base.

Please contact us to learn more about our company and products. Moreover, you can count on Plus Technologies to do our best to help you solve your document and output management issues.

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