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December 22, 2020

Print Management Solution for Retail Shipping

Print Management Solution for Retail Shipping, Print management software, Web PlusTech Print Solutions, Wholesale Warehouse

Print Management Solution for Retail Shipping

A supplier to retail stores across the US was experiencing print issues when trying to perform batch printing of labels. As shipment volume grew the print function required for labels and other shipping-related documents was falling behind causing shipments to be held up. Printers would occasionally fail, stopping the process entirely also causing missed deadlines and requiring manual intervention/labor to fix the problems.

As a result, the retailer searched for a print management solution to help improve the situation. The customer acquired OM Plus print management software to provide Load Balancing across multiple printers. This print management software solution from Plus Technologies increases volume and detects print failure. Then automatically invokes failover to a backup device to keep the line moving and manages the delivery of certain documents to specific trays to minimize manual intervention.

November 6, 2020

PrinterLogic’s New Web Stack and OM Plus

1Web OMPlusPrinterLogic’s New Web Stack and OM Plus

Plus Technologies and PrinterLogic have had a long standing partnership to solve print problems for our mutual customers. The company’s products solve different print related issues and do not significantly overlap and together provide a holistic print solution. The companies have integrated their products, so they work seamlessly together.

Now there is a white paper that describes the solutions and the benefits. Some of the content of the white paper is shown below – for a full copy please contact us .

Why Organizations Want an Enterprise Print Management Solution

Managing Enterprise printing is a big problem for large organizations. Analysts say that 20-60 percent of helpdesk calls are printer related and 30 percent of business process failures are related to print issues. The reason for these staggering statistics is that managing Enterprise printing is a complex process. It involves multiple data streams, workflows, servers, operating systems, data transformations and complex networks supporting many printers and workstations at multiple locations. With the disparate native utilities that “out-of- the-box” applications rely upon, this type of environment provides many challenges for organizations.

May 30, 2019

Tornadoes Hit Dayton Area

Tornadoes Hit Dayton Area

This week, tornadoes hit the Dayton, Ohio area. Many people have been affected in our area, while we were unaffected many in our community were harmed in one way or another. Some were directly hit, many lost power and water, etc.
Dayton is a strong community and many people have come together. As a result, we are offering our casual fund and donations to relief efforts bringing water, food, clothes, and more.
Dayton’s local weatherman has become an internet hit as he was keen to remind people watching the Bachelorette of what was important.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the storms.

November 2, 2017

Healthcare System – Epic Print Management

Healthcare System - Epic Print Management, Plus Technologies, Epic Print Management, Enterprise Output Management, OM PlusLarge Texas Healthcare System Expanding OM Plus Epic Print Management

A large healthcare system located in Texas with revenues over $1.4 Billion has decided to expand their footprint of OM Plus Epic Print Management software. The OM Plus Epic Print Management software system will now manage system output to approx 3,000 printers across multiple locations. Specifically, this OM Plus Epic Print Management system will route, track, and confirm delivery of hundreds of thousands of documents. These documents must be properly routed and tracked through a complex network. Moreover, OM Plus provides the helpdesk numerous benefits including system scalability and reliability. In addition, OM Plus minimizes system downtime.  Also, users can track the status of critical documents and by using the OMP toolset one can easily recover from errors.

September 1, 2017

Plus Technologies Outside of Work

Plus Technologies Outside of Work, Plus Technologies, OM Plus, Output Management, Enterprise Software, EmployeesPlus Technologies Outside of Work

Plus Technologies National Accounts Manager Andy Folz is responsible for indirect and direct sales of OM Plus Software. Andy’s main focus is primarily in the healthcare and Government sectors. Moreover, Andy is an expert in our multiple output management solutions for the healthcare industry including the Epic market.

Andy is an experienced account manager and sales expert with a reputation for excellent customer care, and has been with Plus Technologies since 2007. He first started at Digital Controls in 1984 and continued on with the company when it moved into Plus Technologies. Andy was raised in Ohio, but is currently a long time resident of California.

June 27, 2017

New Features – Latest Version of OM Plus DM

OM Plus, Plus Technologies, New Version, Update, New Features Latest Version of OM Plus Delivery Manager

New Features Latest Version of OM Plus Delivery Manager

On the most recent version of OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM), Plus Technologies has added a new feature. We added a new screen to the base OM Plus for windows install. This new feature makes it much easier to configure OM Plus with EPS in an EPIC environment. Additionally, all of the necessary configuration for this solution are done from this one screen. Also, this feature greatly decreases the time it takes to deploy one of these (usually 5-6 at a typical customer). In addition, this feature shows much better to the customer and user. Furthermore, now it is all GUI driven and does not require a command line.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies

April 21, 2017

Exam Room Print Solution Proposed for Healthcare

Plus Technologies, OM Plus, Exam Room, My-Print-Delivery, MPD, print solution, healthcare, health care

Exam Room Print Solution Proposed for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations like the benefits of print release (pull print) solutions as it improves confidentiality (HIPAA) and lowers costs. However, in exam rooms there are issues that make pull-print (print release) solutions impractical. Doctors may not always be available to release their own print jobs and the “surrogate” concept can be difficult to administer. Plus Technologies has improved its My-Print-Delivery (MPD) pull-print solution to overcome this issue. Plus Technologies is proposing a new variant of print release (pull print) that solves these issues. Moreover, Plus Technologies is proposing a new version of OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) pull-print software specifically for Exam Room environments. Furthermore, this new version does not require the doctor to release their own print jobs and overcomes the surrogate issue.

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