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Secure Print Release, Follow the User Style Print Software

Secure Print Release, Follow the User Style Print Software

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In traditional printing environments, a user sends print jobs through the operating system’s native print spooler which hands the document to a printer. Those jobs begin printing immediately. This results in security risks for sensitive or confidential documents left unattended at the paper tray. This can also lead to the excessive waste of paper and toner.

With OM Plus My-Print-Delivery printer software, users print the way they always have and there is no change to the user print experience.  However, rather than the documents going directly to the printer, jobs are held in the OM Plus My-Print-Delivery system.  When users want to release their jobs, they do so directly from the printer or multi-function device of their choice.

There are multiple ways to print jobs with OM Plus My-Print-Delivery:

  • Smartphone/ Tablet Device: Users can release print jobs from cell phone or tablet device.
  • Card Swipe: By swiping their card on specific badge readers for direct MPD printing.
  • Hybrid: User swipes card at printer and uses a tablet or smart device to release selected jobs.
  • Printer/MFD: Users can select the OM Plus MPD App embedded on selected printers/MFD’s.
  • Release Workstation: Users can use OM Plus MPD feature on dedicated release workstations.

Key Features

  • Supports most popular printer models
  • Multiple ways to release print jobs
  • Print from i-Pad or phone
  • Re-direct & re-print features
  • Print Statistics
  • No change in user print experience

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