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What is a print servers main function and how can it be improved?

What is a print servers main function and how can it be improved?

A print server allows client computers to connect to printers over a network. The print server accepts print jobs from the client computers and routes the jobs to the appropriate printers. In a Windows environment, it also allows device drivers to be centralized to the print server vs storing them locally on each client’s computer.

OM Plus Delivery Manager from Plus Technologies is an enterprise output management system that replaces the function of the native print spooler on the print server. In addition to the traditional features of a print spooler,  it also includes many advanced features. You get all these benefits with OM Plus Delivery Manager:

  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Printer Load Balancing
  • Print Fail-Over and print failure recovery solutions
  • Page level re-start
  • Queue management including automating definitions
  • Print Job conditioning such as job bundling, tray control
  • Tamper resistant Rx Printing with plain paper
  • Print release solutions (i.e. like Follow the User style print or print release)
  • Print Queue Administration
  • ERP Printing including Certified SAP Print
  • Device & user based statistics
  • Internet based printing
  • Replace VPN
  • Electronic Report Management, Archiving and Distribution
  • Document viewing
  • Smart Phone Printing Applications

Learn more about OM Plus Delivery Manager, by contacting Plus Technologies.

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