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What is print management software?

Print management software is a great print release solution that allows authorized medical staff to retrieve patient documents for physicians.

What is print management software?

What is print management software?

Print management software refers to the use of software to allow organizations to centralize administration and lower the cost of printing by providing tools to better monitor, control and maintain their entire printer fleet from a single user interface.

Why do enterprises need print management software?

Native printing tools in UNIX, Linux, and Windows only provide basic print spooler capabilities that can have a negative impact your print processes. Business processes like shipping, invoicing, patient record keeping, and much more, rely on documents printing on time, every time. OM Plus Delivery Manager, the advanced print management system from Plus Technologies is just the solution you have been looking for!

Plus Technologies has a wide variety of print management software products

My-Print-Delivery Secure Queue Release

Plus Technologies has just released a solution called Secure Queue Release (SQR) based on its popular My-Print-Delivery software. My-Print-Delivery is a print release similar to Follow the User style print.

Print release improves printing efficiency by holding user documents in the print system until the user physically releases document while standing at the printer or multi-function device. In doing so, My-Print-Delivery provides a secure confidential printing experience to the user.

The release of Secure Queue Release (SQR) allows users and their surrogates the ability to release print jobs based on a specific queue. For example, a nurse with authorized login credentials can retrieve patient documents at an exam room printer in place a physician who is busy working with a patient. In other words, the user who releases the print job isn’t necessarily the same person who created the print job to begin with.

Secure Queue Release (SQR) is a great fit for healthcare professionals and provides many benefits. This is particular the case in Exam Room environments where the person that needs the print job is likely not the person that created the print job in the first place.

OM Plus Delivery Manager

Delivery Manager is the core print management software solution that provides advanced, intelligent document management designed to seamlessly complement application software programs used by corporations and institutions.  OM Plus DM is output management software that can receive jobs from multiple systems and seamlessly deliver them to printers, multi-function devices, fax software, email systems, and more. No change is required to application software programs.

OM Plus Stats Manager II for Device

Plus Technologies has also recently introduced Stats Manager II for Device. All of the features found in Stats Manager I are also found in Stats Manager II for Device. Stats Manager II for Device can now collect information from OM Plus Delivery Manager or My-Print-Delivery while also collecting data directly from SNMP such as, pages printed, pages copied, pages faxed, mono pages, color pages, toner swaps and pages not printed inside of My-Print-Delivery secure print release software.  As in previous versions, Stats Manager II for Device is able to determine individual and departmental print usage, estimate print costs and create chargeback reports.

For more information on OM Plus (DM)contact Plus Technologies.


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