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When is OM Plus a Good Fit?

When is OM Plus a Good Fit?

When is OM Plus a Good Fit?, Plus Technologies, OM Plus, PlusTechWhen is OM Plus a Good Fit?

We were recently asked by a potential reseller: when should they try to sell OM Plus? What are the circumstances when OM Plus is the right solution? When should the partner call us?

These are excellent questions from a reseller/partner perspective – OM Plus can solve numerous output management related problems for organizations across numerous industries, however we can define a common theme for ‘good fit use cases”. OM Plus is enterprise output management software (EOM) that helps organizations reduce operational costs, streamline document workflow processes, and improve print reliability and security. While OM Plus can ingest documents from numerous sources including mainframes, servers, and end user workstations the best fit for OM Plus is when the documents are created on what we call “backend systems”

We define “Backend Systems” to mean systems that run enterprise apps such as ERP, WMS, EMS, accounting software, and others. These systems create documents that are needed for the organization to run smoothly. Backend documents usually does not mean documents created on user workstations such as spreadsheets, words, docs, etc.


In manufacturing or warehousing environments those documents could be pick tickets, bills of lading labels, and invoices that are created in a backend system such as SAP, Oracle or other systems. Should these documents get delayed or out of sequence the shipments will be delayed and customer satisfaction/incoming revenue can be affected. For example, OM Plus is used by Whirlpool to support the manufacturing process of their appliances by providing confirmed delivery of the document to the printer’s paper tray along with auto failover in case of an error to keep the line running.


In healthcare there are usually numerous backend systems producing documents affecting patient care. Supporting this complex interwoven system can be difficult for IT causing unneeded expense and delays. In healthcare other factors such as patient privacy, mobility of print, and print uptime are critical and can affect patient care. That is why an OM Plus EOM solution supporting Cerner, Epic and other EMR’s is so beneficial. In addition, OM Plus can provide tamper resistant print for Rx on plain paper to simplify procedures and reduce cost related to pre-printed forms. OM Plus does this for dozens of healthcare organizations across the country.


In financial/banking markets documents are commonly created in mainframe environments and need to be collated into packs and delivered to printers at branches in a timely manner. This is what OM Plus does for Wells Fargo where mortgage docs are sorted into packages and routed to branches across the country in time for specific mortgage closings.

OM Plus is used in approximately 100 municipalities across the US to deliver documents to the various city departments. In these cases, the documents are created on backend systems such as Central Square/Sungard and need to be routed to the correct location. One example of this is in the City of New York where OM Plus is used to collate multiple individual documents into packs then provide the document workflow for the city’s arraignment system.


In the logistics industry OM Plus is used for its print confirmation, auto failover, load balancing, and label management features to ensure documents are printed in time to meet shipping deadlines. One such example is the Kroger cold food facility where OM Plus seamlessly ingests documents from their mainframe application and manipulates labels so they can wrap around two sides of palettes to increase visibility.

OM Plus

Whenever pull print or print release is needed OM Plus is a good solution as it is printer vendor agnostic and has a certified and integrated solution with numerous device types including Lexmark, HP, Xerox, Ricoh, Sharp, Dell to name a few. One notable OM Plus pull print customer is CSX rail where OM Plus dynamically creates Train Bulletins in real time as the train is configured then releases them to the train engineer. Many healthcare organizations also use the OM Plus pull print feature (called My-Print-Delivery). In this market OM Plus may be integrated with Imprivata for SSO authentication commonly needed in this market.

So to answer the question – where does a reseller look for OM Plus opportunities, there is a common theme. The best fit is where documents are created on a backend system of some kind and the workflow of these documents is tied to an important business process. Whether it be manufacturing/shipping products, or routing documents from a central system to branches/stores, or managing the complex environment in healthcare – these environments all create documents on a “backend” system that need to be managed and controlled. That is where OM Plus shines.

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One reason for our success is our willingness to respond quickly to our customer’s unique requirements. First, we listen to the customer to understand their environment and their needs. Second, we work with the customer to determine the optimal solution. In addition, we are able to quickly make enhancements to our products to meet specific needs. Third, we offer pricing and licensing flexibility to suit our customer’s budget. Lastly, we provide world class support. This recipe has served us well over the years and as a result, we have an extremely loyal customer base.

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